An Extraordinary Historic Location Committed to Sustainability


The Garrison Institute facilities have been retrofitted with renewable energy systems and other environmental upgrades. Guests and Staff together implement sustainable best practices aimed at improving our energy and water efficiency, providing sustainable food, making eco-conscious purchasing decisions, eliminating toxic chemicals and pollution, and improving our solid waste management. 



Lodging and Amenities at the Garrison


Retreat Guests will each share a room with one person.

For guests sharing rooms who haven't met pre-retreat, we will email you a roommate compatibility survey for ease in community building.

A small number of single rooms are available for individuals at a slightly higher rate. Please inquire at 

amenities at the garrison institute include:

Newly Renovated Saunas

Walks on the Appalachian Trail

Visits to the Hudson River

Tea and Coffee available all day


Travel and Directions to The Garrison Institute

Garrison, NY is just over an hour from Grand Central Station in NYC. Take the Metro North Railroad to the Garrison Train Station via the Hudson Line. Train times vary but generally arrive and depart approximately every hour. A no-cost, no reservation required shuttle service is available from the Garrison Train Depot (one mile away) to the Garrison Institute during registration hours (approx. 3-6pm), and immediately after lunch on the closing day of an event. There is also a one-mile long walking path through the woods from the Garrison Train Depot to the Institute, lovely during good weather. For travelers in the Albany area, AMTRAK service is available to Poughkeepsie, New York (approximately 1 hour train ride). Connect with a Metro-North commuter train to Garrison (30 minute ride). Local taxi service is also available (see below). For train schedules and more information, contact: Metro-North Railroad: 1.877.690.5114 or visit AMTRAK: 1.800.872.7245 or visit